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Kleven Verft AS

Kleven Verft in Ulsteinvik, Norway,  builds advanced offshore vessels. The yard has effective facilities for early outfitting and hull assembly. Our modular building method, where modules are assembled on the slipway, provides us with more control, better quality and improved delivery times. By working with open modules,  installation of equipment is safer, faster and easier to control.

Kleven has in recent years invested heavily in automation and robotisation of parts of the hull production, allowing the yard to backsource a larger part of the building process to Norway.

Kleven was ISO-certified (9001 and 14001)in April 2013, making it the first Norwegian shipyard to achieve an 14001 enviromental certification.

The Board

The Board of Kleven Verft AS

Kjersti Kleven, Chair
Rigmor Kleven, Board member
Odd Tore Finnøy, Board member
Terje Bøe, Board member
Thorolf Hestness, Board member
May Kristin Myklebust, Board member (Employee representative)
Olav Høydalsvik, Board member (Employee representative)
Alf Johan Antonsen, Board member (Employee representative)

August 2016